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Corporate Exposure

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    This is quite a large album of recent corporate photographs, really just to give a sense of the range of styles and settings that can arise. What works for an investment bank probably won't convey what an independent record company is all about. Likewise, an international marketing division will have a different sense of identity from a Czech classical concert promoter. Budgets differ; intended usage varies. I hope this selection broadens the scope of how 'corporate' photography is imagined to be, and inspires you to find the ideal style to suit your own enterprise.


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Cesky Krumlov

  • Ivy clad passageway
    Here's the first album I wanted to share, and I can think of no better way to start than Cesky Krumlov. So near the Austrian and German borders that most of the town names here seem to emphasise the 'Cesky' bit, this town is a jewel of South Bohemia. It was described to me as Prague in miniature, but I found Venice, Florence and much more crammed into this wonderful place. It defies description, and so photographs come into their own. I had planned to take just the digital, or even just a compact, but at the last moment I thought 'sod it, let's go the other way - I should have some fun with the Hasselblad'. I was so glad I did. The world looks different through a waist level finder....

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great shots love!


Thanks for this great post - fantastic photos and some very insightful words. So wish I could have flown over to witness this gig!


Your page is fantastic, and the Dolby photos are stunning. I've been exploring your page and am completely impressed by all of your work.



Thanks for your kind comments. I'm really glad you like them. Stay tuned - I'll be putting up some shots from the Academy gig over the next few days. Spread the word to anyone that might like to see them!


Great Posting. I'm a huge Dolby Fan as well as being a complete nut on the whole Space Race thing. Those photos are probably hands down some of the best I 've ever seen on TMDR on stage. Great work you are truly talented !

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The photos are amazing, talks a lot of him.

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Not being funny - I used to love thomas dolby - but he now looks like Borg - you will be assimilated!


Very much looking forward to the February gig at the Union Chapel in Islington. I just had the good fortune to shoot Michael Nyman and David McAlmont there last month, and for anyone who's never been there, I have to tell you it's an amazing venue! Seeing Thomas performing there with the Flat Earth musicians is a very cool prospect...

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It is really nice and amazing photos!

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Cool DJ! And photos too!


Currently 52 years since they launched the Sputnik...seems like latelly the space programs are running in slow motion...anyway you made some great photos hear...and you made me listen to Thomas Dolby..and I liked thumbs up :)

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